StarReader for Upbeat Giraffe

StarReader is a Starbound Player Save Reader/Editor

StarReader is web-based player save reader and editor for the Chucklefish game Starbound. This site is still very much a work in progress and i'm sure there are bugs, if you encounter any you can post on the starbound forum thread I guess.

Important Information

  • Supports: Upbeat Giraffe
  • Please make a copy/backup of your original .player file before using this site. Files are not saved on the server and I cant recover your save file, sorry.

Start Here

  • Exit Starbound, you will have problems if you try to update your save file while Starbound is still running.
  • Click browse to search for a .player file, you can usually find it in your Starbound Steam folder: "Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound".
  • Upload the file to start editing.

Only .player files are gonna work, other Starbound files wont.